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About Fathers Day: June 20th 2010

Where did Fathers Day start?

It all started with a lady called Sonora Smart Dodd. Sonora was at Church on Mothers Day listening to a sermon about how wonderful Mother's are which of course is absolutely true but it inspired Sonora to think about her own father. He had raised Sonora and her five siblings after her own mother died during childbirth becoming both Mother and Father. She started a petition to make the third Sunday in June to be the day we all think about and thank our Fathers, June being the birth month of her own Father. She also suggested that we all wear a rose on that day therefore making the rose the Fathers day flower. The petition worked and on 19th June 1910 in Spokane in Washington, the first Fathers Day took place. Of course the Mothers were ahead of the Fathers, but not by much, with the first Mothers Day taking place in 1907.

When is fathers day?

Fathers day is on June 20 2010. After Valentines Day, Easter and Mothers Day, the poor Dads can almost be forgotten about in June when peoples thoughts turn to barmy summer nights and holidays. Therefore, make a note in your diary, or your Outlook Calendar and synchronize it with your Blackberry. So when you think June and then events such as Royal Ascot and Wimbledon make sure you automatically think 'Father's Day'.

Fathers day gift ideas.

We know it is difficult, not only do you have to remember the date, you then have to think what you can do to celebrate such an important day. I am sure your Dad did appreciated those socks at Christmas but are they sitting at the back of the drawer unused because he doesn't need them yet or has he completely forgotten that he received these for Christmas, as it was more or less the same type of presents he always receives. Of course, sparing time out of your busy life will always be appreciated, but if you cannot make it in person or you can spare time to visit but would also like to purchase a gift then maybe look for something new and which you haven't bought before!
It will mean such a lot that you have put a little thought into it to saying a big 'Thank you' for the ice-cream he bought you, the pyrotechnics expert he became so you could have fireworks in the back garden without setting fire to the house, that he was and maybe still is your own personal cash machine and taxi service and generally that he could fix anything that needed fixing.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's.
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