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So did you plant a tree for Valentines Day?

This may sound like a strange question and it might sound like a strange idea but stop and think about it for a few minutes. The concept of planting a tree or another plant for Valentines day was one of the most popular ideas in the recent Valentines Day Ideas competition at the gifts and jewellery website.

Valentines day should be a time to share some quality time with the one you love. Doing something special for the two of you and something memorable that will mean something to you both for years to come.

Planting a tree together on Valentines Day

A great way of doing this is planting a tree together. It is something different, memorable and fun - and means that there will be a lasting reminder of your love kept alive and represented by the growth of the tree for generations to come. If you don't have your own garden find out if you can plant a tree locally with the permission of a local garden, park or farmer. Trees are beautiful and with tending and nurturing the tree, will grow, symbolising the way you nurture your relationships as your love grows over time.

Trees help prevent global warming

In this age of global warming we love the idea of couples all around the World planting a tree to celebrate their love on Valentines Day. Trees help to extract the greenhouse gases that lead to global warming from the atmosphere. So if this year you just enjoyed a romantic dinner or did something else nice but short lived make a note in your diary or set a reminder in your organizer for next Valentines Day and make planting a tree together part of your special day. Imagine if couples all around the World celebrate Valentines Day next year by planting a tree. This simple act of marking your love for each other could change the World and make a real difference to our environment and help secure the future for those we love.

Why not organise a tree planting event?

If you are going to organise a local tree planting event to mark Valentines Day or another special occasion please let us know by Click here to send us your tree planting idea.. We would love to hear from you and share idea, details and pictures of your event with our readers to inspire more people to plant more trees.