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Ideas to make your loved one feel special on Valentine's day

  1. Valentines day should be a time to share some quality time with the one you love. Doing something for just the two of you, something memorable that will mean something to you both in the years to come, is the best way to mark valentines day. I think a great way of doing something which fulfils all these criteria, is planting a tree together. It is something different, memorable and fun - and will mean that there will be a lasting reminder of your love kept alive and represented by the growth of the tree. Planted in the garden or with the permission of some local gardens or parks, a tree is beautiful and with the tending and nurturing of the tree, it will grow, symbolising the way we nurture our relationships so that our love will grow over time. A little homemade plaque with two lovers names, or an unmarked tree the significance of which is known only to you - both are romantic and fun. And in the current financial climate it is a way to celebrate valentines day which comes more from the heart, and not your wallet. Happy Valentines day! (Sorell)

  2. My boyfriend works very early on Saturday mornings, so I am going to get up extra early (4.30 am) to make danish pastries (from scratch) so they are ready waiting for him when he goes downstairs. Plus I will be making a 3 course meal of all his favourites. Again, like every year! (Lindsey)

  3. Hide little sticky notes on all the things you know they’ll use that day saying I love you ect. Eg. I love you on the fridge (Isabel)

  4. Wrap a red ribbon around the remote control for the tv! Make sure you give another present too though! Let her watch her Chick Flick without complaint for one night. (Katrina)

  5. We got married on Valentine’s day! Last year he cooked a roast dinner... cut the carrots into hearts... removed 4 chairs from our 6-seater dining table so that it was set for 2.... candles and wine.... AND to top it off he did the washing up too! (Kelly)

  6. Every Valentines Day my husband cooks me a surprise 3 course meal. He starts planning it months ahead and he really enjoys it!! I go upstairs and try to make myself look as nice as possible, like we are actually going out for a meal, whilst he prepares the meal! Last year as I was coming down the stairs I noticed he had bought me roses, done up the table all lovely and he started playing Barry White "Feels so Good". It was so funny, it always makes me smile to think about it! It's always good to make each other laugh as well as being all romantic!! (Hannah)

  7. On each small piece of pretty or masculine paper write a different reason for why you love your special someone, for example; the way you laugh; your beautful hair. Aim for a hundred reasons mixing silly ones with romantic ones or anything you like. Fold each peice in quarters and put all of them into a smallish box with 'The Reason Why I Love You Is...' on the front of the box.. The box could be heart shaped or covered to make it attractive or even a chocolate box would be good as when they open it and expect to see chocolates they then have a hundred notes of love! (Cherryl)

  8. Every year my partner makes me think he has forgotten valentines day and every year he surprises me by hiding a card and present where will find it unexpectedly. I don't know how he keeps a straight face - last year it was not till the evening that I found my card and present under my pillow. I was so sure he really had forgotten this time.

    We don't have much money for splashing out and with 3 kids it's hard to find time for romantic meals (distinct lack of baby sitters for some reason on valentines day! ) but the fact that he never forgets and it's always a heartfelt gift make it such a special day anyway. I have such fun sneakily searching the house when I hope he isn't looking - though I know he is. And of course we both enjoy the 'thank you'.(Carmen)

  9. We get out the scrapbook of all our special memories of our life together. We open a bottle of champagne and sit in bed in the morning and go through the book, remembering and talking about all our experiences. We then spend the afternoon updating the book with all the new experiences we have had through the last year. Finally we round off the day with a romantic meal at home for just the two of us and look forward to the next year and make plans for the things we'd like to do. (Irene)

  10. If you cannot afford to take your valentine out or you are hopeless at cooking, why not prepare a picnic basket to have at home. Fill with a nice cloth, pink fizz, brie and grapes, little nibbles, chocolate mouses and strawberries and orchids or a rose. Let your imagination take you to a place in the countryside or tropical beach but on your lounge floor with apt music playing in the background. (Romana)

  11. Plant a red rose bush together and watch it grow and change through the seasons.(Lynn)

  12. Have you ever heard of Geocaching? Well, it’s like a treasure hunt using a GPS device to find the location of the ‘treasure’. There are geocaches all over the country. So, anyway, I’ve arranged a day of Geocaching tomorrow but what my husband doesn’t know is that the cache we’ll be hunting is actually planted there, by my helpful friend, and contains information of a meal and night’s stay at a lovely little hotel in Chester for the evening. (Stephanie)

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