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Ideas to make your loved one feel special on Valentine's day

  1. Don't forget the best things in life are free. It's possible to spend a lot and still get it wrong! You need to really think about what your Valentine will consider special.

  2. Take her away for the weekend.

  3. Do something different - not the same old roses and chocolates

  4. Have you been listening? Your Valentine may have been dropping a few hints about how they would like to spend Valentine's day.

  5. Send or leave your Valentine a simple hand-written note telling them how much you love them.

  6. If you've been together for several years or have enjoyed a special holiday together, why not get prints of special photographs which capture your memories. You could then buy a nice photograph album and put a carefully selected set of photographs in the album. Make it personal by writing in the dates and locations under each photograph.

  7. If you have to work on Valentines day try and finish early so that you can spend time together. If you have to work all day then plan ahead and explain this to your Valentine and agree to do something special on another day. Follow this up with a surprise gift on Valentines day.

  8. If you enjoy country walks then drive to the coast and have a nice walk. Pack a flask of coffee and when you stop for a drink pull a special gift out of your bag for your Valentine.

  9. If you want to buy your Valentine a piece of Jewellery for Valentines Day then heart-shaped jewellery is a good idea. For example see our range of Martick Jewellery.

  10. Don't forget to say how much you love your Valentine. Think of different ways of saying this and different opportunities to say I love You.

  11. Why not continue doing nice things for your loved one even after Valentine’s Day. Every one wants to feel appreciated – not just on one day. (Claire Norwich)

  12. This time give her Lingerie that fits! (Clifford)

  13. The credit crunch doesn't mean you can't be romantic - there are lots of economical romantic gestures starting off with "I love you" toast (either by buying the - cheap - plastic "press" to use on a slice of bread or carving the message freehand in the bread before toasting, (Rea Colchester)

  14. Use the heart shape everywhere you can - e.g. if serving slices of meat for the main evening meal cut them into heart shapes (keep the offcuts for sandwiches). (Rea Colchester)

  15. Make the bedroom more romantic by putting Christmas lights round the headboard. Use your imagination! (Rea Colchester)

  16. Make a coupon book of all the things they would appreciate; breakfast in bed, a massage, a homecooked meal, a sleep-in while the partner does the housework. All free and super romantic! (Jackie Birmingham)

  17. Remembering really special times like our 1st Christmas as man and wife - instead of spending with family we went to the beach with our dog and a picnic and loved every minute - no dog anymore alas but we can still wrap up warm and have our sandwiches and soup and go through old photos and think how lucky we are blessed to have found each other - still going strong after 27 years of marriage. (Kathy Co Antrim)

  18. Make a good old fashioned mix tape (or burn a cd or make a playlist for your mp3 player) with all of 'your' songs on them. Try to include a good mixture of silly ones as well as the more romantic tunes, too. (Emily)

  19. Arrange for the two of us ... and three children to return to the hotel by the beach in Kohsamui- Thailand, where we had our honeymoon,16 years ago. She was so happy there and talked about how she would love to come back one day in the future and bring children with us! (Nigel)

  20. This Valentines day will be the first for me and my new boyfriend so I would like it to be really special. I love to be surprised so the idea of him sending flowers and chocolates in the morning for me to wake up to is really sweet. Then he and I would meet and there would be a little 'valentines hunt' where he leaves little clues in different places, with the last clue leading us to the final destination. The clues would take us to my favourites places for example cinema, ice skating etc and end in a nice restaurant with a table covered in rose petals and a luxurious 3 course meal. (Karen)

  21. Spend the day doing what you did on your first ever date together, regardless of how many years have past. (Georgina)

  22. Leave him/her a series of notes to follow so that you meet in a romantic place.

  23. Us girls can make our men feel special too, not leave it all up to them! How appreciative would they be if we took them on a special 'boys' day racing, a car show, a gig or to watch their team? Even if we detest football, putting up with it for 90 minutes to make them happy would show how much we care...maybe some women want it all their own way, dare I say??! Happy Valentines to guys too! (Leah - yes a woman!)
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  25. For valentines day I am going to make it extra special this year to show him how much he means too me. I don't have a very big budget but I think I will still be able to achieve the romantic night. I have booked the day off to prepare for the evening and as he works until 6 I have plenty of time. When he walks in he will be greeted by candles going up the stairs and soft music, and a hot bath with rose petals and bubbles, when he has had a bath dinner will be served, and the wine flowing. We will watch a film and snuggle up on the sofa, and leave the washing up for the morning!! (Charlotte)

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