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Adorable products made in England, Scotland and Wales

At I Adore Your we try to select 'made in the UK' products wherever possible. Over the year the manufacturing base has decline in the UK to an extent where today we see almost all the brands on the high street being produced overseas. When we talk to suppliers we often find that they have great designers working in the UK who are working hard to draw up cutting edge designs for new products but when it comes to production they can't afford to do this in the UK and still hit the price point their consumers are looking for on the UK high street.

There are however a number of designers and suppliers who have either stuck with or who are turning back to sourcing materials and production in the UK. Britain has some of the best engineers and designers in the World. Many of these people have survived through their ability to produce high quality and precision products very quickly and in smaller quantities. Others have survived through building up a following of pashonate consumers looking for quality and value rather than just a low price tag.

We think that this trend will increase over the coming years as workers in the far East start to demand better pay and working conditions. The price of fuel for transportation alone will also start to change the economics of offshore manufacturing. Increasingly consumers dislike the current financially cheap and disposable but ethically and environmentally expensive poor quality products that have become so common from the 1970's through to today.


D R Harris Mens Grooming - made in London

It can be easy to forget about the men when it comes to cleansing and moisturising, in fact, I expect many of them make do with 'borrowing' their wife's or girlfriends moisturiser when the winter cold or summer sun takes it's toll. Ensure they are not always reaching for your moisturiser by introducing them to their own easy to use range of products.

D R Harris Moisture Cream

A delicate daily moisturiser by D R Harris.

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Product Code: DR004
Price: £9.50
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I Adore Your looked at many brands of skincare, before deciding upon D R Harris. Their products do not promise to iron out every wrinkle, they simply claim to clean, tone and moisturise, which as we all know is a great place to start. All strong perfumes in the D R Harris range have been omitted so that they are suitable for even the most sensitive skins. Their products are still produced in England by the same traditional methods being handmade and packaged in their St James Street shop, London, established in 1790. In fact, the formula for their Rose and Cucumber Cleanser dates back 125 years. The fantastic glass bottles hark back to a bygone era and are a stylish addition to any bathroom. As the glass bottles can be recycled they also meet the needs of the modern world. D R Harris products are not tested on animals which is an additional peace of mind. As D R Harris products are so mild they can be used by women too and the moisturiser makes for a great makeup base - maybe it's the lady's turn to do the borrowing?

D R Harris Cucumber and Roses Cleansing Milk

A gentle mild cleanser by D R Harris. Suitable for all skin types.

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Product Code: DR002
Price: £16.99
Availablity: In Stock

Chocolate on Chocolate - made in rural Somerset.

Chocolate on Chocolate hand make their chocolate delicious Belgian callebaut chocolate. Started by a father and daughter team in rural Somerset; Chocolate on Chocolate pride themselves on fashioning every one of their chocolate designs out of plaster by hand. It is neither a quick or easy process but it does mean that they offer beautiful and original chocolates. The dark chocolate is 53% which may seem fairly low but it is a delightful and manageable taste without the bitterness you would get from say a 70% dark chocolate. The white chocolate is 28% and is truly scrumptious. . I Adore Your had the difficult task of deciding which chocolate to select but we think we have succeeded in finding chocolate to suit everyone for every occasion.

Chocolate to Make you Feel Better

Chocolate to make someone feel better - it really does work!

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Product Code: CC002
Price: £3.99
Availablity: In Stock

Melt Candles - hand made in Lancashire

Handmade in a barn in the beautiful Ribble Valley, Melt candles have established themselves as a supplier of fragrantly scented candles made from natural oils. Each candle takes up to 36 hours to produce, making availability exclusive to selected suppliers. They work with molten wax, which is hand poured, ensuring all of the wax is fragranced.

I Adore Your have selected the Melt Trio Range. Each box contain three candles, hence the 'Trio' name. Each candle is presented in a votive glass jar and will burn for 20+ hours, so that is 60 hours+ for each box. Each Trio of candles is presented in a beautiful black melt box, containing a card explaining the fragrances for each candle. You can choose from the Love, Wishes or Flowers range, ensuring your gift is appropriate for it's recipient, making it a truly thoughtful gift. In addition to the Melt Trio range we also have selected the Melt Saddle scented Candle. It is presented in a matt silver tin for a minimalist look and represents excellent value for money with a 25 hours+ burn time.. The rich and spicy scented candle is more suitable for men, so if you think the man in your life needs to relax at the end of a long day, this is the answer be it at home or away.

Melt Wishes Trio delicately scented candles

What do you wish for?

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Product Code: ME002
Was: £21.50
Now: £17.50
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Trevarno Beauty Products - hand made in Cornwall

People are becoming more aware of eating organic food to avoid food which can contain harmful chemicals but they don't always consider that products used on the skin can penetrate the skin and enter our bodies. With this in mind, it was very important to I Adore Your that we could offer a range of beauty products that are organic. Trevarno fitted the bill perfectly, as they were the first company to meet The Organic Farmers and Growers strict standards to obtain formal organic accreditation. This official recognition with Britain's longest established organic certifier guarantees the purity of the Trevarno range and assures customers that products are both ethical and sustainable. This organic certification is the only way to ensure that products are as pure and natural as possible.

Trevarno Lavender, Geranium and Palm Bath Oil

Trevarno Lavender, Geranium and Palm Bath Oil hand made in Cornwall.

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Product Code: TR009
Price: £10.00
Availablity: In Stock

Trevarno work hard in sourcing the highest quality, socially just and ecologically responsible suppliers of ingredients for their skin care range. Just a few examples of these practices includes buying locally grown West country herbs and obtaining sustainable Palm Oil from a producer who works closely with the World-wide Fund for Nature.

Due to the concentrated and pure nature of the organic ingredients used in all products, the skin nourishing benefits are magnified and a little goes a long way reducing the environmental impact of excessive packaging and transportation.

Inspired by their beautiful setting in Cornwall, all Trevarno skincare products are packaged in dinky jewel coloured jars such as emerald and the deepest purples and pinks echoing the colours of the peacocks on the Trevarno estate where all the skincare products are handmade.

I Adore Your has chosen to stock a number of their organic skincare and baby products and their natural bath oil and soaps. The Trevarno range would be a stylish addition to any bathroom and the handcream is small enough to slip into a handbag for the lady on the move. The baby care range again is designed for home or for when you are on the move as with this and all Trevarno products, a small amount is needed each time.

Ultimately, what could be better than giving something which looks great, smells and feels fantastic and is organic to boot.

Trevarno has had considerable press coverage over recent years.

Rosewater and Camomile Skin Toner As featured in Elle - April 2007 ...'The 50 best-kept beauty secrets'
"Try Rosewater and Camomile Skin Toner by Trevarno says Keira K's beauty therapist Nichola Joss"

Trevarno Organic Rosewater and Camomile Skin Toner

Trevarno Organic Skin Toner hand made in Cornwall.

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Product Code: TR002
Price: £17.00
Availablity: In Stock

Trevarno Eye Cream She - April 2006
"Trevarno Organic Eye Cream is a blend of natural and organic oils to nourish the delicate skin around the eyes.

Trevarno Organic Eye Cream

Trevarno Organic eye cream hand made in Cornwall.

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Product Code: TR003
Price: £8.00
Availablity: In Stock

Handmade in Cornwall." Olive and Almond Hand Cream Lifescape Magazine - February 2006
"100 per cent organic, healing comfrey and almond oil transform dry chapped hands into hand-model-worthy mitts!"

Organic Baby Cleanser Pregnancy and Birth magazine - April 2007
"...The latest buys for Mums-to-be and Babies"

Organic Skin Salve Junior Pregnancy & Baby Magazine - Summer 2006 "
Trevarno Organic Baby Salve contains Camomile, Lavender and St John's wort to soothe inflamed skin."

Organic Baby Bath and Massage Oil Practical Parenting - January 2007
"Soothe it! The calming oils of camomile and lavender combine with others to moisturise delicate skin, yours or your baby's. Use it in the bath or massage directly on to skin." Lavender, Geranium and Palmerosa Bath and Body Oil Inside Cornwall - November 2005 "Trevarno's Bath and Body Oil won't leave you skin feeling oily, just super soft and supple."