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Ideas to make your mum feel special on Mothers Day

  1. Buy a good quality photo album and place her last holiday snaps (or plenty photos of the family) in it - most of which are probably still sitting in her camera.
  2. Make Mummy breakfast in bed – you may need Daddy’s help if under the age of 10, just so Mummy doesn’t have to tidy the kitchen afterwards.
  3. Bake a cake – shows time, effort and love whatever your age.
  4. If Mum is a budding artist or would like to perfect her cooking skills, how about an art lesson or cookery course. This gives her encouragement and shows that you do listen to what she says.
  5. Ensure that as a son or daughter and husband that all the household chores, - such as the cleaning, hovering, dusting and washing are done for the week, to give her a much needed break.
  6. Whilst completing number 5, book Mum in for a beauty treatment or a hair appointment. Every women loves to be pampered.
  7. Book a family meal out or cook Sunday lunch and tell Mum to put her feet up – maybe give her a DVD of her choice to help her with the feet up part!
  8. Plan an afternoon out, a walk in a park or along the coast with a stop for a cup of tea or coffee is a good day out for everyone that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If it is a mild day – pack a picnic.
  9. A necklace or other piece of jewellery will come as a complete surprise and will be a present just for her, please note Dad’s, that an iron does not qualify as a gift for her.
  10. A west end show is a gift that will last past Mother’s Day. If you want to find a less expensive alternative, check your local theatre or amateur dramatics for their next show.
  11. I make my Mum whatever she wants for breakfast. Then I take her into town and tell her I'll buy her something she wants then treat her to a nice big piece of cake and coffee in Costa Coffee. Then when we get home I also cook her a lovely tea (again of her choice). I make the whole day about her so she feels special. (Catherine)
  12. I got the kids to paint and decorate a large earthenware trough. I then lacquered over it with yacht varnish, filled it with compost and planted it with lots of spring flowering bulbs. I used the tallest bulbs - daffodils - to spell out MUM. She loved it, it's unique and it's a gift that keeps on giving, every year. (Beverley)
  13. I am going to make a photo album for her and fill it with pictures of me and my brothers as we grew up and then of the grandchildren - like a timeline for her. If I can find ones of her and dad when they first got together they will also go in. (Denise)
  14. For my mom on Mothers Day as well as asmall gift I make a batch of grownup girlie fairy cakes - snop up some raspberries or strawberries and mix into the cake mix and then drizzle some icing on top of the cakes once cooked and make pretty with more fresh fruit. my mom loves them : ) (Lisa)
  15. Book a mother and daughter spa day. Not only will she love the relaxation and pampering but it will give you some quality 'together' time in between all those wonderful luxuriant treatments. Guaranteed to evoke many happy memories and blissful sighs. (Sarah)
  16. I'm making simnel cake for my mum (and for my boyfriend's mum and grandma, neither of whom have any daughters and their sons won't think to do anything for them), plus a hamper of homemade jams, spice mixtures and sauces. (Lindsey)
  17. If you have young children, get them to paint or draw a picture of them and you with your mum - a family portrait. Frame it, or paint it straight onto a canvas so that it's really special.They will love it. (Sue)
  18. I used to make "Good Night In" bags as presents. You get a nice gift bag and fill it with small gifts to create a relaxing evening. For example - a bottle of wine, small box of chocolates, good book or DVD, scented candle, bath bomb, whatever you think she would like. It means you don't have to spend to much and you can personalise it with her favourite things . Looks very thoughtful and stylish. You could also include vouchers she can spend on things you can do for her - doing the washing up, back rub, making dinner etc. (Solange)
  19. My Mum would love a day with the family all together just relaxing and enjoying the company. (Cathy)
  20. Do a home made card, using beads, fabrics and cut-outs. Mums love things their children take the time and trouble to make. (Frances)
  21. Pack a hamper with her favourite goodies, get all the family together and take over a capsule on the London Eye, then home for a bottle of champagne and an evening watching Mamma Mia. (Diana)
  22. I think it's nice to treat your Mum to something that she wouldn't normally do, for example a trip to a local art gallery or maybe even a flying lesson! Make Mother's Day a day to remember forever. (Barbara)
  23. The best thing you can do is simply spend time with her, she'd sooner see you than receive flowers by post and if you live too far why not try to set up a webcam link or make her a dvd featuring you wishing her Happy Mothers day. (Lauren)
  24. Breakfast in bed, followed by Mother's Day presents, a long relaxing soak in bath full of bubbles/rose petals. Put on something comfortable, have a nice drive out in the country with family and a picnic. Later that evening dinner made by family. Evening finished with putting her feet up with a nice glass of wine while family tidy up mess made by making dinner. (Rhonda)
  25. Breakfast in bed then looking after my younger brothers and sisters giving mum time for a shower and time to wash dry and style her hair. Without any little helpers. (Katrina)
  26. I'm 22 and last year me and my brother who is 19 made mum a photo album each containing old photos we had dug out which made us think about mum and we left a little caption in the writing space explaining why we chose the photo's and what memories they had for us. (Maria)

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