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We have the largest range of jewellery rolls (sometime known as jewellery wraps) in the UK for you to choose from. Our prices are very competitive come with free standard delivery on over £20

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Origins of Jewellery Rolls

It is unclear exactly how jewellery rolls came in to being but we believe they developed for practical purposes from Jewellery boxes. It would seem that Jewellery Boxes have been used since ancient times for storing jewels and most women today have a jewellery box or decorative boxes in which their jewellery is kept. Jewellery rolls have become a popular means of storing jewellery as they make an equally pretty addition to a dressing table and have a practical use when traveling.

Jewellery Roll in Lilac from Seek Unique

Organize your jewellery when travelling.

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Jewellery Rolls at home

With continued popularity of statement jewellery, the traditional jewellery box is struggling to cope with these large pendants and necklaces, so additional space is required. Even large jewellery placed in a draw or box will become tangled or lost in and amongst other items, as for more delicate jewellery or earrings, these will become damaged or will just be lost. The addition of a jewellery roll will help organize your jewellery and can be either left on a dressing table or stored in a draw where it will not take up as much space as a jewellery box.

Jewellery Rolls when traveling

As if packing isn’t enough of an ordeal, women are also expected to throw together a perfect outfit complete with stylish accessories. Organizing your suitcase or travel bag is the best way to achieve this, including packing the right jewellery. You wouldn’t dream of packing for a weekend away without including a pair of shoes for the evening, the same should be true of jewellery. That black evening dress is going to look a bit boring without some well placed adornments. This is where jewellery rolls are extremely helpful, as you can organize your jewellery to go with each outfit. This makes a far better alternative to searching through your handbag, makeup bag, or wash bag, trying to remember where you slipped your precious jewellery in to. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of putting your jewellery away in your jewellery roll each evening when staying in hotels as otherwise it is easily misplaced and possibly forgotten and lost when you pack.

Jewellery Roll in Oyster Leather by Dulwich Designs

Dulwich Designs Elegant Lama Embossed Leather with a cream soft faux suede lining.

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Types of Jewellery Rolls

Jewellery rolls come in many different fabrics and varying sizes, they can be tied with ribbon or may have a snap fastening. Leather jewellery rolls can seem the most luxurious option and they will certainly be the most expensive but you need to consider the extra weight the leather adds to your luggage when trying to travel light. Velvet or satin jewellery rolls with or without beading offer an equally luxurious alternative at a fraction of the price. There are many colours to choose from which can be useful if you are trying to compliment the decor of your bedroom.

Jewellery Rolls as Gifts

Jewellery rolls make excellent Birthday Present, or Christmas Gift or simply to let her know you are thinking of her. There are many styles available that you don’t find everywhere on the high street and they make affordable gifts during the credit crunch.

Jewellery Roll and Jewellery Wrap designers

We have a large selection of jewellery rolls and wraps from a number of UK based designers for you to select from.

  • Jo Edwards: Jo designs jewellery rolls in velvet and other fabrics in a number of colours.
  • Seek Unique: A range of jewellery rolls with other accessories with a matching designs.
  • Earth Squared: Fair trade and ethically produced jewellery rolls.
  • Dulwich Designs: Leather jewellery rolls and jewellery boxes.