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How to store your jewellery collection.


However neatly you lay your jewellery down, it always manages to become entangled. Chains manage to entwine themselves occasionally collecting an earring in the process. None of us want such a taxing puzzle first thing in the morning, in order to put on some jewellery and get out of the house. Jewellery can also become damaged, or tarnished which never looks great and can spoil your precious jewellery beyond repair. It seems amazing that people are willing to spend a lot of money on buying that stunning piece of jewellery but then donít take the time look after it so it looks wonderful every time they wear it.The best way to overcome these situations is keep your jewellery organised and clean.

Jewellery Boxes

Whilst investing in a jewellery box seems the most obvious means of storing your jewellery, how many of us have one small jewellery box with a few compartments which cannot possibly house all of your jewellery in an organised and easy to find way. Jewellery boxes should be large enough to have a compartment to hold chains out flat. This is especially important for snake chains that can be damaged by being bent. Better still, invest in a jewellery box that has a separate chain holder. This is often found in the lid of the jewellery box behind the mirror. These are excellent for keeping chains and pendants straight and separate from one another. Smaller compartments which have separators are perfect for earrings, brooches and pendants which do not have their own chain.

Bangles and bracelets can be stored in a separate tray, so you always know where they are. Buy a jewellery box that fits your needs. If your jewellery box is to live on the top of a chest of drawers you may want it to incorporate a handle to you can move it easily. If a jewellery box is going to sit on your dressing table, then a handle might not be such a necessity. However, if you have small children, then a lock might be useful to keep those little fingers away. There are many finishes and colours available but for long lasting, you cannot beat leather. Go for a girly pink or for a colour that works with the decor of your bedroom such as chocolate brown or cream.

Jewellery Rolls

Even if you only travel once a year, a jewellery roll is simply indispensible. Often women will want to take separate jewellery with them for evening or because it goes with a particular outfit. Using a jewellery rolls is a sure way to stop loosing those precious jewels in hotel rooms because it has slipped out of your wash bag or handbag. There are many designs, sizes and finishes to jewellery rolls. You can select from velvet, beaded or leather jewellery rolls for the most beautiful looking and stylish way to carry your jewellery. You can also use jewellery rolls to store jewellery when not travelling.

Jewellery Tree

If you want to make a feature of your jewellery when you are not wearing it, then a jewellery tree is an excellent way of holding your day to day pendants and bracelets. There are many antique gold finish jewellery trees on the market and make a stylish addition to your dressing table. However, these are really only useful for everyday jewellery as jewellery displayed in this way indefinitely, will collect dust and may tarnish.

Keep it clean

Whilst most of us do not have time to be polishing and cleaning your jewellery, a quick rub with a jewellery polishing cloth before your jewellery is returned to your jewellery box will help keep your jewellery shining and finger mark free. There are many cleaning solutions on the market which will make gold, silver and most gem stones shine, although it is necessary to follow guidelines with these solutions as it may damage pearl jewellery. Cleaning jewellery is a good rainy day activity like cooking or baking but without the washing up and calories. For precious jewellery such as an Engagement ring, taking it to the jewellers for a professional clean is the best option, providing you can bear to let it out of your sight. Many jewellery box and roll designers are starting to incorporate anti tarnish linings such as the leather jewellery rolls from Dulwich Designs, helping reduce the need for cleaning.