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About our Ethical and Environmental Policy

News June 2011

For many years we have recognised that we use a great deal of electricity to run servers for our web site, email, file servers etc. We are pleased to announce that this year as part of our technology refresh we have managed to drastically reduce our carbon footprint. We have closed down our old servers and moved to one of the UK's leading carbon neutral data centre providers MEMSET. They became the UK's first carbon neutral hosting provider in August 2006 working with The CarbonNeutral® Company to identify their 'carbon footprint', or the approximate volume of CO2 generated by their organisation. Using less servers and less electricity also saves us money, so it was really a very simple business decision.


We are open 6 days a week and believe in keeping Sunday special, so that our staff and suppliers can spend time with their friends and family.


  • Our Gift Boxes are made from recycled board.
  • Where possible, we reuse or recycle packaging we receive from our suppliers.
  • We shred used paper for packaging.


  • We actively seek out the best suppliers who's ethical and environmental policies match our own.
  • We treat our suppliers fairly and as we would want to be treated in their position.
  • We seek to build long-term partnerships with suppliers who share our values.
  • We try to work with our suppliers to reduce our impact upon the environment. For example through the use of reusable delivery cartons. We also try to save transport costs and the impact this has on the environment by working with our suppliers to carefully manage inventory by placing large monthly stock orders which can be delivered in one trip rather than weekly top up orders.
  • We do not use suppliers who test their products on animals - it wouldn't be much of a gift if an annimal had to suffer to produce it!
  • We do not use suppliers who use forced or child labour - who would want to give or receive a gift if they knew a child had suffered to produce it!


  • We treat our customers fairly and as we would want to be treated in their position.
  • We seek to delight our customers at every opportunity.
  • We listen to feedback from customers and actively use it to improve our service.

Our Gifts

  • All gifts where possible are made in the UK and where possible are sourced from local suppliers.
  • We never sell products which have been tested on animals
  • We don't sell gifts which have been produced using forced or child labour
  • We only sell products which are designed to last.

Paperless office

  • Recycling paper is all well and good, but in reality all paper is sourced from renewable sources and recycling paper is actually quite energy intensive anyway. Therefore, the best thing to do with paper is to use as little as possible, which is what we do. We have an "avoid paper" policy, and all our documents and systems are electronic.
  • When printing is necessary, the draft setting is used to reduce the toner used.
  • All toners and Ink Cartridges are recycled and the proceeds from this are donated to charity.

Offices and Distribution

  • We use Eco friendly cleaning products.
  • All PC's and printers are set to power save settings after a period of inactivity.
  • All electrical equipment, and lighting is switched off at night.
  • We aim to be at least carbon neutral

Web site

  • Our web site hosting is carbon neutral.
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