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Welcome to our Birthday gift ideas competition.

We asked you to tell us about the best birthday present you have given or received.


This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Rachel Richardson of Whitstable who won with this entry - "I would love something in a small velvet box... something sparkly and with precious stones! My husband so far on my birthdays has given me a Hoover, a microwave and a blender! Please be a small and velvet box this year!".

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Competition entries accepted so far:

  1. The best birthday present I ever received was my Engagement Ring accompanied of course with a romantic proposal. (Jane)
  2. My husband took me back to the restaurant where we shared our 1st date ten years ago for a romantic dinner. (Lorraine)
  3. I love the Edwin Jagger shaving sets, my husband would love one and it would look very stylish in our bathroom. (Doreen)
  4. A designer handbag would be my ideal birthday present because every girl needs a designer handbag in their collection. (Samantha)
  5. Kazuri Shale Ceramic Bead Necklace in Ambesoli. Its from fair trade,and is simply beautiful and would match so many outfits. In fact any item from fair trade would be an amazing gift. (Carol)
  6. I would love something in a small velvet box... something sparkly and with precious stones! My husband so far on my birthdays has given me a Hoover, a microwave and a blender! Please be a small and velvet box this year! (Rachel)
  7. I would like the Martick Red Heart Rose Pendant, for my birthday because it's simply beautiful. (Tracey)
  8. The best birthday present I received was for my fortieth birthday from my husband.  He gave me Piano lessons.  For someone who had wanted to learn to play the piano for a very long time this was just incredible! (Cherryl)
  9. For my birthday, which is tomorrow (happy birthday to me,happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear..........etc), my other half has bought me a pair of very expensive headphones.  He believes I have awful taste in music and I like to listen to it very LOUDLY, so he thinks this is the ideal present.  Ideal for him maybe, but what about me???!!!!  He doesn't seem to understand the concept of birthdays, bless him. (Anna)
  10. My inspirational Daughter bought me a yearly subscription to a Woman's magazine, so every week is my birthday when it arrives, and I take time out from my busy schedule to put my feet up, relax and enjoy.  Bliss indeed! (Jo)
  11. The best birthday present I ever received was a guinea pig. I fell in love with her and it set off a long obsession with the little creatures. Now I rescue abused and abandoned ones and the pleasure I feel when one becomes fat, healthy and happy is immeasurable. So when people ask what I want for my birthday, I always ask for bags of Carefesh or timothy hay! (Beverley)
  12. My best birthday present is a document that shown  I got a piece of land on the moon and I think I'm going to be rich some days later. (Emma)
  13. My perfect birthday present would be my VW Beetle fully restored, I'm fed-up of taking the skin off my knuckles, spending weekends in the garage instead of being out there cruising in the sunshine. (Glyn)
  14. My best ever present was a square foot of land in Scotland, which comes with a title. Now I can make my friends call me Lady Emily, I haven't yet convinced them to curtsey though. (Emily)
  15. I'd love to receive this little Spaceform paperweight as a birthday gift from my boyfriend. It's romantic & much more original than chocolate or flowers, & would be a keepsake forever. (Deborah)
  16. I was 9 years old with no money to spend and it was my dad's birthday. I decided what he'd love most in the world would be a nice woolly tie. I found some mustard coloured wool and began frantically knitting till I had a 'sort-of-a-tie' (ie: a long woolly strip without a pointy end as I didn't know how to do it). I loved my handmade tie, in spite of the colour, the shape and all the dropped stitches. I wrapped it carefully and brimming with pride, gave it to dad. He declared his love for it and told me it was the best birthday present he'd ever had. He's still kept it to this very day. (Giselle)
  17. My best ever birthday gift was a mix tape my fiance had recorded of him singing along to and playing all of my favourite songs on his keyboard lol. Was the sweetest thing ever! (Laura)
  18. One year all I wanted for my birthday was beans on toast. My wife made it for me & I was the happiest man for the day. Sometimes its the less expensive things that make all the difference. (Graham)
  19. The best birthday present I ever received was a hot air balloon flight (Emma)
  20. Okay, this is blowing my own horn a bit, but the best birthday present I ever gave was to my sister; when she was ten she was a massive Sherlock Holmes fan, amongst other things. ten days before her birthday i wrote her 'cryptic clues' to where we would be going - map references, pictures, strange facts, and even one clue in the Dancing Men code from one of her favourite books! It took her all ten days to figure them all out, and then we went to all the places she'd worked out - to see a film that had just come out, to a strange shop, to an art gallery, etc. She still holds it up as one of her favourite birthday presents, and I have to say it was as much fun to give as to receive! (Fran)
  21. It was my 40th. My wife had prepared a birthday book for me open. The first pages described staying in a hotel in the country. We then drove down to Hertfordshire that afternoon and stayed the night in this wonderful hotel , meal etc. The next day I opened up the next pages and found out that I was going to be a big cat keeper for the day , feeding lions and tigers. What a fantastic day and what a unique birthday. We then went back to the hotel and opened up my presents which included a hamper of Italian food which she had shipped from Italy especially. (My favourite food!) In the evening she had organised going to an Italian restaurant where she had preordered an off the menu dish for me, wild mushroom risotto (again my favourite). When we were half way through our meal the waiters come and sang happy birthday when she then produced an envelope. I opened it and it was a mushroom foraging day at River cottage with Hugh Fernley Whittinstall. I couldn't believe all that she had done for me, I was literally gob smacked. (Tim)
  22. The best present I ever received, was when I was 12. My mum and dad bought a second hand bmx scooter for me and my dad spray painted it silver with orange fire size flashes over it. I was so proud racing about on my new fabulous scooter and I thought it was very swish and the stripes made it go even faster! The effort that went into it still makes me smile to this very day. (Katie)

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