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Taguabella Beautiful Fair Trade Jewellery

Taguabella jewellery is handcrafted from the Tagua nut of genus Phytelephas. They are commonly known as Ivory Palms, Ivory-Nut Palms or Tagua Palms; their Latin name means "plant elephant". The common names refer to the very hard white endosperm of their seeds (Tagua nuts), which resembles elephant ivory.

The Ivory-nut palms used for Taguabella jewellery are from the palm tree which is indigenous to Colombia. The palm trees are organically and sustainably grown making them eco-friendly.

Tagua helps the local economy of the South American providing a real alternative to cutting down the rainforests and prevents elephants from being killed for their ivory tusks.

The process of creating this beautiful handcrafted jewellery starts with the seed being dried, dyed in various colours and then sliced. When dried out, it can be carved like elephant ivory.

The grain of this natural material and the variation in the shape of the nuts means that no two pieces of Tagua jewellery are ever completely alike. Once the raw materials have been prepared they are assembled into beautifully crafted pieces of organic jewellery.

The Taguabella brand is owned and distributed by Kazuri Beads Limited who are officially recognized by the British Association for Fair Trade Shops as a Fair Trade Importer to the UK.

This is truly beautiful and natural jewellery, which will complement your spring and summer wardrobe and will equally, add a touch of colour to your winter wardrobe.

Next time you are looking for a piece of jewellery for yourself or as a gift for a friend don't forget to look at the exciting, colourful pieces from Taguabella.

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